Results of Board Elections 2015


We had a great meeting and picnic, with a Chipotle spread.  About 20 fellow officials were in attendance.  It was great to see everyone and catch up with everyone.

New Board Members were elected 

President – Cyndy Schlaepfer-Youker will move from President elect to President for a two year term

Secretary – Dennis (DJ) Bremser was elected to serve a two year term – job description:

  • Document meeting minutes and distribute to the membership
  • Maintain a file of the meeting minutes
  • Coordinate membership and distribute necessary information to interested officials
  • Maintain and distribute an accurate list of participating schools including the Athletic Director, coach, phone numbers, and E mail address
  • Maintain CWLOA website and CWLOA Facebook page or provide information to those responsible for updating these sites
  • Keep an accurate attendance of membership at all meetings

Rating & Training Coordinator – Devin Bauman was elected to serve a two year term – job description:

  • Determine and coordinate required training clinics for officials
  • Set dates for clinics in conjunction with CWLOA BoD
  • Create curriculum and organize and delegate necessary responsibilities to the membership for clinics.
  • Maintain annual ratings roster
  • Coordinate rating opportunities
  • Coordinate and assign qualified ‘raters’ when officials shall be rated
  • Act as a rating liaison by ensuring the membership understands the importance of their rating, the status of their current rating and upcoming rating opportunities