Resources for Officials

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Girls’ lacrosse criteria for officials to be eligilble for playoffs in 2019:

1. US Lacrosse member
2. Pay dues to CWLOA and CHSAA
3. Attend 6 hours classroom training
4. Participate in on-field playday (we make exceptions to this for official who also do College games)
5. Attend Rules Interpretation meeting
6. Pass the online rules test (80% or higher)
7. Work at least 10 varsity matches. (based on availability we have at times made an exception to this but that would be last resort)

2019 CGLA Rules Matrix

Women’s Officials Resources  from US Lacrosse

  • General Information (field diagram, etc.)
  • Clinic information & Applications
  • Rules, Manuals & Approved Interpretations
  • Ratings forms

Examples of Illegal and Legal Stringing (with Pictures) – this is a NCAA document but stringing is the same for US Lacrosse)

Training Resources for Officials

WCLA Rules and Information 

IWCLA Rules Presentation (From US Lacrosse Convention)


Go to the Arbiter NCAA site and to the COA

Updated 02/08/2017