High School Assignors and In-season Arbiter Usage

Most assigning including the front range draw will be done using Arbiter.
The Centennial League, Continental League, Foothills League, Metro League will use Arbiter exclusively. The Mountain League will use Arbiter except for Durango. There are 3 Arbiter accounts used for assigning high school girls lacrosse; ASO for the leagues and teams ASO is responsible for (see below), CHSAA which is used by Southern League, Jeffco League, Metro League except Thompson Valley and Mountain League except Fruita-Monument, Grand Junction & Durango and the Grand Junction teams through Chuck Nissen

In-Season Arbiter Use

Several notes about dealing with dealing with in-season assignments, maintaining your blocks, and configuring Arbiter for getting notifications of assignment changes.

  • The Auto-assign process will list Becky Petre as the assigner of your games, but that’s only because she managed the auto-assign process. If you need to contact someone about an assignment, go to the assigner for the home team of your game (see below) and not Becky.
  • Be aware that you do not “have” to accept in-season and last minute game assignments. When the assigners are looking for help on a game that is missing one or more officials, they turn to Arbiter to tell them who may be available. If your name comes up, they’ll assign you. However, you are under no obligation to take the game. So, if you can’t or don’t want to accept it, just “Decline” the game. (This is not so true of Auto-assign games; see below.) That clears you for any responsibility in regards to that game.
  • The best way to prevent in-season and last minute assignments you don’t want or can’t take is to update your Arbiter “blocks” frequently. Our schedules change after we set the blocks in January and February. Go into Arbiter once a week and make the needed changes in the blocks to match your current availability. Then, when an assigner is desperately looking for help at the last minute, your name won’t appear as being available, and they won’t spend time assigning you only to find out you’re really not available.
  • Finally, you can indicate if you want emails and texts to alert you to having been assigned a game or to a game change. That prevents the need to check the Arbiter website or app as frequently. Log into your Arbiter account and go to your Profile page. In the secondary menu bar are phone items, one of which is “Preferences”. Select that and you’ll be presented with a group of check boxes that let you select what things you want Arbiter to notify you about, either by email or to one of your phones. Make whatever selection you prefer. Push the “Save” button before you leave the page to ensure your choices have been recorded in Arbiter.

Assigning Information

With the CHSAA reorganization of high school girls lacrosse in 2021, there are now two divisions, 4A with 6 leagues and 36 schools, and 5A with 3 leagues and 21 schools. The Divisions and Leagues are listed below, along with the assigner’s contact information for schools in those leagues. Assigners are per school, not per league.

4A Division

  • Mountain East
    • Assigner: Randy Schouten
      • Aspen
      • Battle Mountain
      • Eagle Valley
      • Roaring Fork
      • Steamboat Springs
      • Summit
  • Mountain West
    • Assigner: ?
      • Durango
      • Fruita Monument
      • Grand Junction
      • Montrose
      • Telluride

5A Division

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