Observation and Rating Guide

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Rating Guidelines

Following are guidelines for what level of games officials will be comfortable doing given their USA Lacrosse rating.

  • Apprentice – Someone new to the sport of girl’s lacrosse, and some who have had previous playing experience and are entering the officiating ranks.  You will learn the basics of the sport and of calling a game.  Youth games and non-varsity games will typically be the best venues for an Apprentice to learn and grow.  We recommend that you participate in the Apprentice classes.
  • Level 1 – Level 1 officials have officiated for a year or more, or come from recently playing the game and are transitioning from player to official, in most cases.  For those transitioning, the play of the game is well understood; it’s now time to learn to play the role of official in a game.  Classes will focus on sharpening up the Level 1 officials’ recognition and handling of major and carded fouls, while beginning to handle the nuance of minor fouls and keeping the play moving.  How to call a safe game is the top priority.  On the field Level 1 officials will become more comfortable with higher level non-varsity and lower level varsity games.  Please sign up for the Level 1 classes.
  • Level 2 – Officials at this level are becoming comfortable and more competent doing all levels of varsity games that are handled with 2-person mechanics.  The focus in training and development switches to better game management techniques, rock solid recognition and calling of all dangerous play and situations, and the beginnings of handling more complicated situations that arise in games.  In particular, there is more focus on techniques to help a game move quickly while still resolving issues that arise with coaches and players in a professional and expedient manner.  Level 2 officials should develop the tools to call a fair game, along with a safe one.  Class room training will focus more on attaining proficiency and tools to handle less common situations that arise during a season. Please sign up for Level 2 classes.
  • Level 3 – Those officials that attain this level can handle the highest level varsity games and playoffs, including those using 3-person mechanics.  Training for this level is focused on learning from each other based on experiences and situations that have occurred in games.  Game management becomes key including how to best ensure the success of partners and to run an efficient, fast, and fun game.  The goal in the classroom is to cover all of the above topics, but in a manner where we build off each other’s experience on the field.