Post Season: Table and Clock Officials Reference Guide

During post season, Table and Clock officials are assigned to games to help with game management.

During Quarter Finals if you are assigned as “CBO” or “Clock Official” this means that you are actually the TABLE OFFICIAL. We will have table officials for the quarter finals, semi finals and finals in both 4a and 5a Divisions. For Semis and Final games you may be placed on “clock”.

The responsibilities of each role are outlined below:

Table Official:

Read Appendix B in the rulebook. It lays out your responsibilities. Again, read appendix B and the excerpt below. A few things to remember:

1. You must come dressed and ready to be on the field. If an official on the field gets injured, it is your responsibility to take their position.

2. You do NOT make the calls on the field.

3. I suggest having a clipboard or a notebook with you. Keep track of the score, AP, cards, and timeouts there. You are responsible for the horn. Coaches should ask you for a timeout. Keep the horn with you.

4. You also share in the responsibility of the clock. When you see the field officials signal, be sure the clock is doing what it should. Read 3.7 about the Timer.

5. Be sure to have your rulebook. Coaches may ask you questions. Use the language of the rulebook as best you can. Do not make commentary on calls that occurred in the field. If they are asking about a call on the field and you don’t know what it was, don’t make something up. Tell the coach you will get back to them and then talk to your partners. You are not there for coaches to complain to. 

6. Do not be on your phone.

Here is some language from the manual:

During game play when a table official is available, a coach may request a possession timeout through the table official. The table official will assess play on the field to determine if the team requesting a timeout is in clear possession of the ball. They will then sound their whistle, or horn, give a timeout signal so the clock will be stopped, and approach the nearest on-field official and indicate to her that a possession timeout has been requested. The on-field officials will have the ultimate authority to grant the timeout. Once they have signaled the timeout and released the players from the field, the clock will start to begin the two-minute timeout. The table official at each game will be expected to stand in front of the scorer’s table and be visible and available to both coaching staffs.

Table officials should not move the possession indicator until the game has been restarted.

Here is Appendix B from Manual: THE TABLE OFFICIAL Overview 

The alternate official is considered part of the team of game officials and should be on the field dressed in game attire. The table official should be included in all communications from the Head official to the crew, including information prior to game day. The alternate official shall take a position on the field in front of the official scorer’s table, not seated behind the table. Mechanics: The table official is expected to abide by all expectations of the field officials, including arriving with the crew, participating in the pre-game meetings and any subsequent discussions or meetings that occur, walking the field, and being properly dressed (the table official may have additional layers). The table official may have the ability to card the bench personnel – be familiar with NFHS and state-association guidelines. The Table official should be informed of any conversations held by the officials about the tenor of the game, players being monitored for physical play, consistency objectives, etc. This can take place during team time outs, halftime, etc. The Table official should only share relevant comments from the team benches with the crew (not all commentary and complaints.) The Table official can answer coaches’ questions or follow up with the field officials, as needed. After time has expired, the officiating crew should leave as a team and the table official should be part of the game review.

​Primary Duties of the Table Official

  1. Oversee the scorers and timers to determine that:
    • Both teams’ rosters (a separate roster form is acceptable) are in the official scorebook at least 10 minutes before the start of the game.
    • Confirm that jersey numbers in the book match those on the players.
    • The clock is started and stopped correctly and appropriately. Correct any mistakes made in this area. Ensure that a radio is available if necessary (i.e., official time is being kept away from table). Ensure that there is a clock at the table to administer time-outs, penalties, etc.
    • Records are kept of team, individual and coach warnings, suspensions and ejections (cards).
    • Proper substitution procedures are followed and substitution records are kept.
    • The correct score is maintained in the scorebook and on the scoreboard.
    • Maintain an accurate record for alternate possession.
  2. Replace any field official in the event of an injury to that official
  3. Assume primary responsibility for maintaining bench personnel positioning and decorum.
  4. Review protocol with ball retrievers. Ensure that balls are placed evenly around the field and replenished at halftime or as needed.
  5. Serve in any other capacity that would contribute to maintaining control of the game and efficiency of the scorer and timer’s table.
  6. Assist field officials in weather-delay procedures. The alternate official is responsible for noting field position of players during suspension of play due to dangerous weather conditions.
  7. Assist with management of time outs. Bring water to officials at timeouts if necessary; confer with field officials about tenor of game.
  8. If a coach has requested a stick check, call time-out at a stoppage of the game clock and indicate that all players must drop their crosses. Communicate to the nearest field official that a stick check has been requested and the number of that player.
  9. Keep record of administered cards.
  10. Attend all meetings with field officials including captains meeting and stick check of teams.
  11. During game play signal the granting of a possession timeout by sounding the horn
  12. Inform the field officials when a yellow and/or red card has been administered to the team personnel on the sidelines so that the field official can administer the card at the next stoppage of play.
  13. Additional Equipment Recommended for the Table Official •
    • Clip Board
    • Paper for recording cards, timeouts, goals, penalties, etc.
    • Extra pens/pencils
    • Stopwatch
    • Plastic Bag for inclement weather
    • Cable Ties
    • Rules Book

Clock Official (Semi’s and Finals Only):

1) You assist the person running the clock.

2) You are to follow the signals of the field officials.

3) You do NOT make clock decisions on your own- the field officials are the primary officials and they are the ones that need to ask to correct the clock.

4) Make sure to pay attention to the game.

5) Assist the media in explaining what is happening in the game based on calls that happen on the field- NOT BASED ON YOUR OPINION OF THE CALLS ON THE FIELD.