Message from CWLOA Board: 2020 Season

As you are aware, CHSAA has cancelled the remainder of the 2020 season.

The 2020 season was unlike anything we would have imagined just a few weeks ago.  Here is a recap of the season:

·         Training as usual in December and January

·         Rules Interp at the end of January

·         March 7th Play at 5 locations

·         3 Varsity games

·         2 JV games

Who would have imagined how this season would unfold, it was a great start at Play Day on a beautiful March 7th.  That was the last time most of us were on the field.

We all paid for US Lacrosse, CHSAA and CWLOA fees for 2020.  To the best of our knowledge, US Lacrosse is not issuing refunds; CHSAA has not decided on whether to give refunds; the CWLOA Board will be issuing refunds of $20.00 for 2020.

Your CWLOA registration dues have been paid.  The majority of your CWLOA fee goes toward the training that took place during late 2019 and the first quarter of 2020.   If you are not going to work any games until 2021, CWLOA will offer a $20 refund on the 2020 fees.

If you are planning on working GLAX games this summer and fall the fees and dues you paid will cover that and there is no action necessary by you or CWLOA. 

If you are not going to work any games until 2021, here are the options you have:

1.       Roll the refund toward your 2021 registration fee

2.      Get a refund via check or Venmo

3.      Donate to CWLOA

If you want a refund please email Allison Bailey at and let her know if you want your refund by Venmo or check.  If you want to roll your $20 into the 2021 training fee or donate to CWLOA please reply to this email with what you want to do and it will be taken care of it.

Stay safe, keep washing your hands and keep a comfortable distance from other people. 

Enjoy your summer.

Your CWLOA Board of Directors