Ratings Information

All ratings are earned through “on field” evaluations. You will receive feedback and a written evaluation including the rating you have earned. Links to the Local and District forms are below. You must be in good standing per the CWLOA By-Laws in order to stand for a rating.

It is your responsibility to contact the Training and Ratings Coordinator to arrange your rating for the 2019 season. Please be prepared to provide multiple games dates.

Training and Ratings Coordinator: Frank Bailey and Les Snively 

The USL rating system underwent changes with an adjustment to all rating levels and rating forms. For the 2017 season and beyond, ratings are based on a level system. The ratings and terms are as follow (Level 1, 2, 3 Information Sheet):

Apprentice – Level 1 In Training – a 1 year rating

Level 1 – a 1 or 2 year rating

Level 2 – a 1, 2 or 3 year rating

Level 3 – a 1, 2 or 3 year rating.

For officials who held previous local ratings here is the conversion to the new rating system:
Level 1 = Old Local 1
Level 2 = Old Local 2 AND 3
Level 3 = is a NEW rating. In order to hold a Level 3 rating, either attend a USL Lead Level 3 clinic and training opportunity or hold a COA rating.

In addition to the USL rating system, there is a second rating system for all collegiate level officials. The Collegiate Women’s Lacrosse Official’s Association or CWLOA or COA is responsible for conducting and rating college level officials. In order to receive a COA rating or rerate, an official must attend a COA sponsored rating or rerating clinic and event. These ratings are no longer done locally like in past years. For officials who held previous District and National ratings here is the conversion to the new rating system:
Collegiate Official = Old D1 and D2
Collegiate Select Official = Old D3, N1 and N2
National Elite Official = Old N3 and N4.

The COA rating system transfers into the USL rating system but the USL rating system does not transfer to the COA rating system. Meaning all COA rated officials hold a Level 3 rating within the USL rating system, but Level 3 rated officials do not automatically receive a COA rating.

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