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Rules Interp: Pushing teammates on the 8m penalty shot

Here is a recent question and answer to the Rules Interpreter:

Q: On an 8 meter penalty shot can a defensive player push their own player to attempt to get in faster?

A: There is nothing in the rulebook that indicates this can’t happen, however, it is up to the officials to make sure the players exit the 8m in relative position to where they were when the whistle blew for the foul. This onus is on the officials, not the players, to make sure they are in the correct placement. They will take every advantage we allow them.

This is a game management piece. Both/All officials need to be watchful when there is an 8m set up. Pregame with your partner how you will manage this – what the Lead will do, what the Trail will do. Again, both partners need to be engaged and watchful during this time. At the captains and coaches meeting, remind the players to stand on the whistle, even inside the 8m. Instruct them not to move until they are told where to move to. This will help to prevent this situation from happening or getting out of control.