2023 CWLOA Training Information

Find all training times, links, and other information on our Calendar Page.

Training for the upcoming 2023 CHSAA High School Lacrosse season will consist of 3 components:

  • USAL on-line training material
  • CWLOA on-line classroom training
  • CWLOA on-field training.

As a reminder, the requirements for certification can be found here, and that includes training requirements and attendance at required sessions.

This year’s training will be tied to your current rating level, or expected rating level if not recently rated. Our goal is to get those who need to be rated done by the end of the season, but resources are limited so we’ll do the best we can. In any case, select what you think your rating level is and attend the curriculum listed below for that level. (If you have question or would like suggestions, please check with Les Snively) Class descriptions are linked in the curricula, below, so you can find a description of the class.

Exploring being an official

  • Introduction to Officiating – December 6th at 8 PM and Dec. 10th at 10AM, see CWLOA Calendar

New official

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

  • Level 3 Comprehensive session – Dec. 4 at 1400
    • What’s needed for a Transition or Collegiate clinic invitation
    • Your tool box and managing a game
  • USAL Annual Rules Test
  • Rules Interp
  • 3-Person positioning, if desired