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2017 Girl Lacrosse Rules Changes

2-4-4 Stick checks may only be requested during a stoppage of the game clock.
2-4-4 Stick checks may be requested immediately following regulation or overtime.
2-7-2 Outlines changes to eyewear certification
2-7-3 Outlines aSTM headgear certification.
5-2-3 Players below the restraining line on the draw may not cross until possession is established
9-1-1 Players may not use their bodies to play the ball, except with a kicking action on a not-shooting attempt.
10-1-1 Looking to shoot (NOTE) has been eliminated from the Obstruction of Free Space criteria.
10-1-1 Penalty administration for dangerous shot and illegal shot shall be aligned with the ball being given to the closest defender.

Manufactures Specificiation: Secondary material has been further defined. Outlines changes to eyewear certification. (Appendix B)

Appendix C: Alternate Official duties are stated.

Click here for the 2017 Headgear Clarifications


Illegal and Legal Stick Stringing examples 2016

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