Junior Officials

Junior officials are individuals still in high school
and are 18 years old or younger as of January 01, 2019,
who want to officiate girls youth lacrosse games, U14 and younger.


If you are an ADULT wishing to register, STOP!

and go to the 2019 Adult CWLOA registration form

2019 CGLA Training packet

Check out the 2019 CGLA Rules Matrix

To further understand the 2019 Youth Rules, especially transitional checking, watch this new USL Girls YOUTH Rules Interpretation video (18 min)
If you are old enough to do 14U games (8th gr/grad yr 2023 or 7th gr/grad yr 2024) you need to know which teams are permitted to use Transitional Checking (2023 Gold, 2023 Silver, and 2024 Gold divisions) and which have to use Modified Checking  (2023 Bronze and 2024 Silver divisions).   Below  is a list of the 2023 and 2024 teams and their permitted level of checking.
2019 CGLA Division/Team Name Transitional Checking 
>2023>GOLD Boulder 2023 Welty Gold
>2023>GOLD CCYS 2023 Kindy
>2023>GOLD Coyote 2023 Kakac
>2023>GOLD DLC 2023 Warner
>2023>GOLD Havoc 2023 Fletcher
>2023>GOLD Snap 2023 Barbosa
>2023>SILVER> North Aspen Girls 2023
>2023>SILVER> North Coyote 2023/2024 Solomon
>2023>SILVER> North Mountain 2023 Dries Blue
>2023>SILVER> North Mountain 2023 Dries Silver
>2023>SILVER> North MSC 2023 Downsl
>2023>SILVER> North Rattlers- Cooper
>2023>SILVER> North Storm 2023 McClure
>2023>SILVER> South 2023 Stampede Hadden/Ricketson
>2023>SILVER> South DLC 2023 Pardun/Overbeck
>2023>SILVER> South LYS 2023 Englert
>2023>SILVER> South Patriots 2023/2024 Wallace
>2023>SILVER> South Pueblo Heroes 2023
>2023>SILVER> South Raptors 2023 Christenson
>2023>SILVER> South Smith 2023 SoCO
>2023>SILVER> South Spartans U14 Bieker
>2024>GOLD 2024 DLC Mahoney
>2024>GOLD Coyote 2024 Kakac
>2024>GOLD Snap 2024 Bruins
>2024>GOLD Snap 2024 Carly

2019  CGLA Division/Team Name  Modified Checking
>2023>BRONZE 2023 DLC Minshall
>2023>BRONZE Boulder 2023 Maher
>2023>BRONZE Cheyenne Mt. 2023 Luckett
>2023>BRONZE City Lax 2023 Payne-Rutherford
>2023>BRONZE Electras 2023 Voorhees
>2023>BRONZE Grizzlies 2023 Ragsdale
>2023>BRONZE Havoc 2023/2024 Cox
>2023>BRONZE Rattlers- Lister
>2023>BRONZE Summit Stix
>2024>SILVER 2024 DLC H.A.T
>2024>SILVER Boulder 2024 Reidell
>2024>SILVER Cheyenne Mt. 2024 Luckett
>2024>SILVER City Lax 2024 Briggs-McHugh
>2024>SILVER Patriots 2024/2025 DeCecco
>2024>SILVER Raptors 2024 Izzy
>2024>SILVER Snap 2024 Jagz
>2024>SILVER Spartans U13 Bieker/Kenna
>2024>SILVER Stampede 2024 Lercara
>2024>SILVER Stampede 2024 Shannon
>2024>SILVER Storm – 2024 – Shanley


To Become a Junior Official in Colorado:

All junior officials must be certified annually in order to work CGLA and off-season games

Requirements for all officials in order to become certified or renew annual certification: 

  1. US Lacrosse registration – current officials may submit renewal directly to US Lacrosse – renewal date is October 1.

US Lacrosse Registration – online link for ALL officials

  1. Register with CWLOA and MAIL annual $25 dues (First timer bonus: Starter Kit included with whistle, yellow flag and cards.  Add $18 for officials short-sleeved shirt)

If link is broken, dynamically link to https://goo.gl/forms/q19tttOwpeo1xm3B2

3. Take US Lacrosse Rules Exams (NFHS Girls’ Exam and Girls’ Youth Exam) and the Girls’ Lacrosse Rules Online Course.

To get to testing:
* login to your account on uslacrosse.org
* go to Officials / Catalog / Officials / Women’s Game Officials / Rules Courses and Rules Webinar then you’ll see the Girls Lacrosse Rules Online Course. It will go through a process of asking you to ‘check-out’ but there will be no fees associated with it.  This is the process that puts it into ‘My Courses’.
Once you have the course, if you need to log off, when you go back in you should see it in ‘My Courses’.
Separately to get to the Girls and Youth rules exams: Officials / Catalog / Officials / Annual Rules Exams – then choose 2019 NFHS Girls’ Exam and 2019 Youth Girls’ Exam.  Again, after you have it, you should find them in ‘My Courses’ when you log back in.  We recommend that you click on Resources, print a hard copy of the exam, before completing the test online.
If you have trouble logging into uslacrosse.org, a call to them will solve that.  Phone US Lacrosse Membership: 410-235-6882 X 102.

ALL youth MUST take & pass this exam! The exam is ONLINE.

  1. Attend 2019 Classroom and Field Training

Training for Youth Officials for the 2019 Season

** ALL junior officials must attend both classroom and on-field sessions **  

2019 Training Sessions Officiate Girls Youth Lacrosse

Must have one Classroom session and one On-Field Session

Classroom Sessions

    • Sun, 3/3, Westridge Rec Center, Highlands Ranch 9a-3p Sun, 3/10,
    • Sun, 3/10, Mission Medical , Colorado Springs 12p-4p
  • Sun, 3/24, CSU Library Fort Collins Morgan Library, 10a-1 p.m Park and meet in Lot  425 in front of library.

           We will walk together at 10:05 am to meeting room. (ARRIVE ON TIME: we don’t ahead of time which classroom we will have training.)

On-Field Sessions

    • Sun, 3/10, Spring Fling, David Lorenz Park, Highlands Ranch. 12p-6p,
    • Sun, 3/17, El Pomar Sports Park  Colorado Springs Time TBD
  • Sun, 3/24, NoCo Inter-squad Scrimmage, Loveland Sports Park, 2-6 p


coloradogirlslacrosse@gmail.com (Lauren Benner) or
cglaofficials@gmail.com (Cyndy Schlaepfer-Youker / Michelle Gazarik)

Visit cglax.com for more information

2 thoughts on “Junior Officials

  1. Jeffrey Richards

    I have two daughters who are on the East HS team and Freshmen.
    They are interested in becoming junior officials.
    I have questions about the process.
    Thanks in advance,
    Jeff Richards
    Tel. 303 832 5588 (office/day)

    1. Christine Wiedinmyer

      Hi Jeff,
      Thank you for your message. I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. Please send an email to cwloaboard@gmail.com
      Our President, Cyndy, can put you in touch with the right people. We would love for your daughters to be officials!!

      Thank you,

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