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ADULT Training:

– Adult training dates and times have been completed for Veteran Officials with a rating of L2 and above for the 2015 season. A makeup session is being offered.

– Dates for all New Officials and Officials with a rating of L1 and below are finalized.

Please see the Calendar or the ‘ADULT OFFICIAL REGISTRATION’ tab for more information.

YOUTH Training:

– Registration for Youth Training is now available. Please see the ‘JUNIOR OFFICIAL REGISTRATION’ tab for the registration form. All forms and dues need to be mailed to the CWLOA Treasurer

– Youth Training dates have been finalized. Please see the Calendar or the ‘JUNIOR OFFICIAL REGISTRATION’ tab for more information.



Please visit the the ‘Adult Official Registration’ page for further information and to submit your registration and payment.



Early bird discount if submitted by 9/30/14 $45.00

Regular dues 10/1/14-11/30/14 $50.00

Late Charge after 11/30/14 $10+$50 = $60.00


PLUS $10.00 CHSAA Fee for all officials who plan to officiate high school games.

COLLEGE STUDENTS: All College students planning to work only youth games, no high school games, will have their CWLOA dues waived for 2015. You need to be registered with US Lacrosse and need to submit a CWLOA registration form to the CWLOA Treasurer but no CWLOA registration fee is required. CWLOA dues are required if you plan to work high school games.

NEW IN 2015: All 1st and 2nd year officials will receive a rebate for their US Lacrosse membership fee if they work a pre-determined number of games in 2015. Front Range officials will need to work 25 games in the regular season. This includes youth, middle school and high school level games. We are still working on the game number for the western slope area. Rebates will be paid after the season is completed.


Arbiter Now is a good time to update your profile information on Arbiter. CHSAA is now requiring you include your picture as a part of the profile. Please use a solo picture if at all possible.

Confirm your Arbiter and US Lacrosse E mail addresses are the same! You will not have access to the USL hub if they are not the same. The 2015 required USL test and on line course will only be accessible through the USL hub so access is critical.

CHSAA AVAILABILITY (Front Range) – Your high school availability needs to be finalized by February 6. This includes any date restrictions (full or partial), travel limitations, location blocks and team blocks. Please see the linked PowerPoint for assistance.